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Hello Cordova, TN!!

  Are you tired of spending late nights folding load after load of laundry? Do you find yourself constantly on the go, busy with work, the kids, volunteering, and whatever else finds its way into your life? The last thing in the world you want to be doing is laundry. But of course, you need clean laundry. However, we don’t think that you have to be one of thousands of Americans who spend up to 10 hours a week folding clothes. There are a lot of other things you could be doing in that amount of time. So, we have a solution for you!

Have you signed up for Blues City Laundry yet? It’s long time your laundry days were behind you. Blues City Laundry is your answer! You can trust our laundry professionals to wash, dry and fold your clothes exactly the way you want. Set up your account in minutes, customize your laundry profile – choose detergents, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, washing and drying temps and folding preferences – and doing laundry becomes as easy as tap, click or text!


About Cordova, TN:

Cordova was once a quiet farm town with only 150 people. After the 1910s, the population kept growing, making Cordova one of the fastest growing areas of memphis. The Wolfchase Galleria Mall brought retail expansion in the late 1990s and now, 20 years later, the majority of growth and success is seen in retail and commercial centers along the Germantown Parkway. Cordova is now the place of work for over 19,000 employees who work at any of the 1,230 or so businesses in the city.

Cordova holds onto its historic roots with celebrating an annual arts and crafts fair and a Fourth of July parade in the downtown district. Some might choose to attend Hope Presbyterian Church, a mega church that hosts almost 8,000 people a week.

If you like to read, Cordova is the perfect place for you, as it hosts a branch of the Memphis Public Library system. In 1913, the Cordova Branch Library, which had started in one room at the train depot, moved to the Sanga Road Community Center. It wasn’t until 2004 that the branch moved back to its Trinity Road home. For anyone looking for sources of recreation, the Bert Ferguson Community Center is the prime place to be, serving as the site of community athletic fields and rooms, walking trails, banquet halls and educational development resources.


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