Feb 01

Putting Yourself First

It’s February, the month of love and cheap heart boxes of bad chocolate and wilted roses. Despite the commerciality of this time of year, each of us is still touched by the gifts we receive, cheesy though they very well may be. Whether it’s a chicken-scratched paper Valentine from our... read more →
Jan 05

Get Moving

It seems like all of America is experiencing a bit of a cold snap! Even us Southerners. That shouldn't stop us though! We're tough. Not only is cold weather fairly unpleasant to exercise in, it can also be somewhat unsafe. The last thing you want to do is slip on... read more →
Dec 01

Resolved to Last

Are you the type of person who makes New Year’s Resolutions? Do you sometimes wonder if you’ll really honor them past when that ball drops? Resolutions are funny things. In theory, they’re a great idea, but they can be hard to carry out. Below, we’ve listed a few ways to... read more →
Nov 01

Going Home for the Holidays

Have you made your travel arrangements to go home for the Holidays yet? Being college-aged, or a young twenty-something comes with a lot of natural anxieties and fears. There are new bills to pay, cars to fix, people to meet, meals to cook, and decisions to make. With all these... read more →
Oct 12

Laundry in the Future

How will we do our laundry in the future? Will we still use water? What about soap? With the recent rise of high efficiency machines, it’s not crazy to wonder how much laundry will change even over the next decade. Below we’ve shared some speculations from some fellow “laundry nerds.”... read more →
Aug 14
sensitive skin

How To Hand Me Down

How to Hand-Me- Down Even if you don’t have very many kids, clothes can still be passed around between friends and cousins. Clothes can be expensive, and kids grow so fast. Here are a few tips to make clothes last longer, saving time and money. Care: An important factor in... read more →
Jul 27

It’s All in the Jeans

It's All in the Jeans- Blues City Laundry. We know that it takes a long time to find the perfect pair of jeans! You’ve probably spent hours at the mall in Germantown trying on pair after pair? And…it probably took a long time to find the right ones…the pair that... read more →