About Blues City Laundry

Our family has been in the Laundry Service industry for 17 years. My wife and I started the business as a way for her to move from Kindergarten teacher to an At Home Mom with our 3 young children. The laundry service business has been a blessing to our family. The business has grown from a small side business to a continuously growing full time venture. Our children have been active in the daily work of the business and has allowed me to teach them the work ethic I learned growing up on a farm in the Mississippi Delta.

 As Blues City Laundry continued to grow, we found that our customers are folks with demanding jobs. Busy executives and single parents working too many hours.

We all need more time, right! Our customers asked could we pick up and deliver all their laundry at their home or business to save them time. This request grew to the point that we made the leap to home pick-up and delivery with next day service. We saw that there was a greater need for growing busy families like ours who want more time to spend together and not washing, drying and folding clothes every day.

Blues City Laundry is not just selling our service, we are selling Time to you. More time so that you can do whatever interest you!

Our goal at Blues City Laundry is to exceed your expectations with outstanding customer service and deliver on that promise every week.  We understand that we’re not just doing laundry, we’re doing YOUR laundry.

Let us take the Blues out of your wash day!

Joel and Stephanie McClure
Founders: Blues City Laundry

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